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Pfizer (USA, UK, France, Germany), Novartis (Switzerland, USA), GSK (UK, USA), Bayer (Germany), Merck (Germany), Merck (USA), Aventis (Germany, France), AstraZeneka (Sweden),   Roche (Switzerland), Boehringer Ingelheim (Germany), Quntiles (USA), Dow Chemicals (USA),  3M (USA, France)… Takeda (Japan) and many many others 

Only few references:

”Our experiences with ChromSword were very promising, indeed.”  
” ... the system was able to provide satisfactory separations in every case when possible.”   

Bayer AG:
“ ... we confirm, that ChromSword Auto is a valuable tool for effectively developing HPLC methods. The software is easy to use, allowing inexperienced operators to run it.”

Schering & Plough :
„From our experience there is no question that your product is far more better than anything else in the market." 

Pfizer, USA, pharma research:
"This is a good program. We use it actively…  ChromSword found more peaks automatically than analytics developing method manually" 

Merck, Darmstadt, pharma research:
"We are using Chromsword every day - currently it is running almost 24 hours
7 days a week.We would not be able to work as efficient without Chromsword
as we do now." 

Merck & Co, Inc. Pharmaceutical Analysis and Control, USA
"We have found that ChromSword can help improve
HPLC method development efficiency".

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